Walk, wiggle, and earn crypto.

A pedometer that is mined just by walking with a mining walk.

Powerful mining system.

Mining for 24 hours and 7 days. Your health figures and the number of wallets will increase. We can mine through CPU and GPU, but we can also do it in other ways. For example, you can go to work in the morning or mine depending on your physical behavior. Mining may vary depending on the GPS distance calculation, or hash values may vary depending on the level. Or if you staking, you can increase the hash value. Additionally, we will operate a stable mining volume control and mining work economy through user data.

Multichain Wallet

Ethereum and Bitcoin are not suitable for finance. Bitcoin supports only 300,000 transactions every 10 minutes with a limit on the number of megabytes of data that can be processed on the network. Also, the fee is very high. So we aim to support multi-chain to provide a stable and smooth mining network to Miningwalk users.

Data stored on our platform is safely managed.

We safely manage data on the HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) platform.

Hadoop helps analyze cheap yet vast amounts of data. It is possible to easily solve compatibility problems with its data system while reducing the cost of big data analysis using Hadoop.

Through continuous user big data analysis, the usability of our platform will be detailed.

Business to Next Level


Since it is a platform that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we aim for thorough wallet management.


It aims to thoroughly manage HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) data.

Finance Optimization

Our platform targets various economic activities such as swapping, staking, and shopping.



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